How ProKPI Measures Progress Over Time for Company

Measuring progress over time is essential for any business that wants to grow and reach its goals. But how to measure your progress toward your goals for your business? The answer is “ProKPI”!

ProKPI is a powerful KPI software solution that helps you measure company progress over time. With ProKPI, you can easily create, track, and analyze your KPI goals for all aspects of your business. The business aspects include sales, marketing, customer service, and product development. 

Companies can identify trends, spot problems early on, and make necessary adjustments to reach their goals KPI software like ProKPI. Let’s highlight the progress measurement factors ProKPI can take care of.

What Is Measuring Progress for Business?

Measuring company progress refers to tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This process can assess how well your business is performing over time. 

KPIs are quantifiable metrics that measure revenue, conversion rate, customer satisfaction, and employee productivity. There are 5 ways to measure company progress. Some common metrics include:

  • Revenue growth
  • Profit growth
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee engagement
  • Market share

ProKPI helps business owners monitor all the metrics using the goal setup process. Once employees set up their goals, finishing those in a certain period becomes easier.

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What Happens When You Do Not Measure Progress for Business Over Time?

You won’t be able to identify trends or problems early on if you do not measure your company’s progress over time. This can lead to missed opportunities, wasted resources, and poor project decisions.

  • Missed Opportunities: Without using KPI management software like ProKPI, you may miss out on opportunities to improve performance. 
  • Wasted Resources: If you do not measure project and employee progress over time, you may repeatedly waste resources on non-producing initiatives. 
  • Poor decision-making: Without backing up data in KPI software, you cannot make decisions that are not in the best interests of your business. 

What Benefits Do You Get from the KPI Measuring Software?

There are many benefits to using KPI measuring software, including improved visibility, tailored decisions, transparent accountability, and full performance. The top features enable data-driven decisions regarding employee increments, promotions, and other benefits.

Improved visibility: The KPI software gives you a clear view of how your business is performing in all areas. This visibility can help you identify areas where your business is excelling and areas where it needs improvement.

Tailored Decisions: KPI measuring software provides you with data to back up your decisions. This helps you make more informed decisions that are in the best interests of your business.

Transparent Accountability: You can increase accountability throughout your organization with ProKPI. You can ensure everyone is working towards their goals because they cannot deny their project goals.

Improved performance: Employees give their best effort to finish the backed-up goals. So you could measure a huge performance boost in the business.

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How to Measure Progress for Business Using ProKPI?

KPI software can make measuring progress easy over time. ProKPI allows business members to create custom KPIs, set goals, check data automatically, and track progress until the evaluation period.

Create Custom KPIs

ProKPI allows you to create custom KPIs for each individual in any company. Any type of organization can create customized KPIs according to their business policy and hierarchy with ProKPI.

Collect and Format Data

ProKPI can store user data with excellent formation. Employees can list their goals for different projects and concerns of the company.

Visualize Your Data

Users can use the ProKPI dashboards and reports that make it easy to visualize your data in real time.

Set Goals and Track Progress

ProKPI allows you to set goals for your KPIs and track your progress over time. This helps you stay on track and ensure you’re meeting your goals.

Prepare for Evaluation

ProKPI helps employees show their overall contribution in one place. So they could get a promotion and bonus after goal completion.

How to Monitor the Goals Set by ProKPI?

Once you have set goals for your KPIs in ProKPI, you can monitor your progress toward your goals by using some great features. You can make use of Reports,

1. Admin Login and HRMS Section Management

Create division, department, and designation for different employees from this menu. This way, you can add employees to the measurement system.

2. Role Creation and Permission 

Add a new role and edit permission to set a parameter for everyone in the measurement system.

3. Employee Profile Creation with Information

You can create new employees and manage their access from this menu’s Create Employee and Edit Employee options.

You can also filter out employees from the Employee Menu based on their roles, divisions, designations, departments, and statuses.

After creating employees and inviting them to ProKPI, employees can log into their accounts and update their photos.

4. Master Settings Setup

You will get Preferences, Departments, and Access options from this menu. The department’s menu lets you add a hierarchy level, and the preference menu easily changes the hierarchy level and sets the system HR and final approver. Using these options, you can specify the goal approver seamlessly. Also, watch the full video to understand the hierarchy level (approval chain).

5. Period Type Creation

Use the Period menu to create monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and two-monthly periods according to your requirements—edit period and set departments to assign tasks to any departments.

6. Window Setup and KPI Review

From this menu, you can add a new window, use the Master Settings, and exclude any employee from any department from that window. 

Also, you can view all the employee’s goals and which supervisor is approving or disapproving. Similarly, you can explore the windows of all statuses.

7. User Login, Goal Setup, and Window Details Viewing

First, the user will see the current window, the last 2 KPI averages, and all KPI averages for their performance. Under the dashboard, you will get three menus: My KPI profiles, KPI Goal Approval, and KPI Evaluation:

In the My KPI Profile, use the Action button to set up new goals in the ongoing window. Then, save your goals by filling in the goal name, description, weightage, and start and end date. 

Then, attach the file in the period ongoing goals and view the attachment, goal approval process, and evaluation processor for the completed evaluation.

9. Goal Approval and KPI Evaluation

You will see Approved status beside a Window if you are the immediate boss. Clicking on the action button, you can view the goals and take action accordingly once they are completed.

Then, use the Take Action button to approve or send back goals with comments. Not yet requested goals will be available for evaluation once all the immediate supervisors approve them.


Measuring company progress over time is essential for any business that wants to succeed. ProKPI is a powerful KPI software that can help businesses of all sizes measure and track their progress over time.  We hope this information can be used to change your business strategy and operations. It provides comprehensive features that make the measurement process easy and clean.


What are the benefits of using KPI software?

There are many benefits to using KPI software, such as ProKPI. The major benefits are: 1. Performance improvement. 2. Decision improvement. 3. Employee engagement. 4. Clean data collection and reporting. 5. Easy dashboard monitoring. 

What should I do if one of my KPIs is not meeting my goal?

If one of your KPIs is not meeting your goal, the first thing you should do is identify the root cause of the problem. Once you have identified the root cause, you can take corrective action. You can use KPI software to pinpoint the problematic goals.

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