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ProKPI provides agencies with comprehensive KPI tracking and evaluation capabilities, enabling them to make data-driven decisions regarding employee increments, promotions, and other benefits.

With detailed KPI reports, the software empowers agency management teams to effectively assess employee performance and implement strategies for growth and development.

Empowering Agencies with Data-driven Performance Management

Track, evaluate, and excel with customizable KPI metrics, full-stack dashboards, advanced reporting, and informed decision-making for optimal employee management.

Goal Setup & Approval System

Transforming agencies into goal-oriented powerhouses with advanced goal-setting options and a hierarchy approval system.

Periodic Evaluation Process

Seamlessly evaluate employee goals on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis for informed decision-making and enhanced performance management.

Goal Distribution to Achieve Success

Fulfill the company’s mission & vision by effectively distributing core company goals to employees for timely achievement and organizational success.

KPI Software with Easy Goal Setup Function

ProKPI Unleashes your company’s full potential with an All-in-One KPI Software solution for enhanced work performance, Streamline goal setup, save time and money, and achieve greater success.

  • Company’s core goal setup
  • Distribute goals to divisions and departments
  • Hierarchy-based goal approval system
  • Divide goals into yearly, quarterly, monthly, or even weekly basis
  • Self-goal Setting Options
  • Set the number of goals as per requirements

KPI Software with the Best Evaluation System

ProKPI empowers employees with the best-in-class evaluation system to track, boost and multiply performance across teams, departments, divisions and driving exponential revenue growth.

  • Track self performance to boost individual’s work capability
  • Evaluate learning KPI of Team
  • Evaluate performance with graphs, pie charts, curves etc
  • Division, Department, and Team Wise performance tracking
  • Take decisions based on the periodic evaluation scores
  • Forecast in a better way based on real data
  • Reward employees based on authentic data based performance

Easy Setup without Any Installation

Seamless setup in our cloud-based system. simply make payment and onboard your team for effortless implementation with no installation required.

Sign up & Create Accounts

Invite your employees to create accounts. They can log in and jump into the dashboard panel instantly!

Set-up The User Profiles

Guide all the members to organize their profiles and set up the KPI goals in the pre-scheduled window time.

Start The Project Monitoring

Monitor the window time, get all the setup done, and proceed to the evaluation period in a sequence.

Olivia Nottebohm

Chief Operating Officer, Dropbox

ProKPI has been a game-changer for our agency. The real-time tracking and evaluation features have provided us with invaluable insights into employee performance. The customizable metrics and detailed reports have enabled us to make informed decisions, leading to improved productivity and success. It’s an essential tool for any organization looking to drive performance and achieve their goals.

Gloria T. Chen

Chief People Officer, Adobe

ProKPI has revolutionized our employee performance management at Adobe. The software’s comprehensive tracking and evaluation capabilities have allowed us to align individual goals with our company objectives seamlessly. The customizable metrics and detailed reporting have empowered us to make data-driven decisions, resulting in enhanced employee development and organizational success. ProKPI is a game-changer in driving performance excellence.

Trusted By 1,000+ Global Clients!

ProKPI is trusted by numerous companies due to its proven track record of delivering exceptional results. Its reliable performance tracking, customizable features, and detailed reporting provide companies with accurate insights for informed decision-making. Additionally, ProKPI’s user-friendly interface, efficient setup process, and ongoing customer support contribute to its widespread trust and adoption among organizations of all sizes.

—ProKPI Team

Get Premium KPI Features on Hand

Make use of hundreds of combined metrics from a clean user interface! 

Premium features available on demand!

Strategic KPIs

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Operational KPIs

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Functional KPIs

ProKPI empowers companies to measure functional KPIs with precision, focusing on specific departments or functions within the organization. Whether it’s tracking the number of new vendors registered by Read More

Leading/lagging KPIs

ProKPI facilitates the analysis of leading and lagging KPIs, capturing both predictive and retrospective insights. Whether it’s tracking the number of overtime hours worked as a leading indicator of Read More

Best 3 Reason to Choose Our KPI Software

Comprehensive Performance Tracking
Customizable Metrics and Reporting
Streamlined Implementation and Cost Savings

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